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I created “Cooking Together” for people like you – to help bring joy back into the kitchen, and to make cooking at home easier, more delicious, and healthier for everyone. 

Have you been cooking more at home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you wanting to take the guess work out of what to make for dinner? Would you like to have a community to cook along with?

You’ll get new recipes, tips, and videos every week so it’s relevant to what’s in season and what is of interest to the community. And all recipes are gluten free and dairy free (or dairy optional) to accommodate many diet preferences.

Read on and join us today!

Cooking Together with Rachel Zierzow

I've always wanted to create a community where all of the people I have met could meet each other, learn together, and support each other in creating a vibrant healthy lifestyle.
- Rachel Zierzow

About the Subscription

In the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of amazing people transform their lives through cooking. Now, more than ever, people are needing to cook for themselves at home to stay healthy and disease-free.

I created Cooking Together with Rachel Zierzow to be a weekly dose of inspiration, learning, and community. Eating is such a big part of community, and I wanted to do more than just help people cook delicious food.  I wanted to build a community so we can encourage and support one another.

Last summer I created an intensive online cooking course called Cook Naturally Without A Recipe, to help people start on the road to the most important kitchen skill – learning to cook without a recipe with anything you have! Now we’re all at home, and often having to figure out meals with whatever we have on hand. 

Although cooking is my profession, I’m not immune to the challenge of planning and cooking meals, especially with a teenage daughter. In Cooking Together I’ve designed recipes and ideas to be quick and easy. A lot of them can be made in 30 minutes or less, but even if they take more time they are completely worth it! And I will be sprinkling in some more challenging recipes here and there to keep us on our toes!

But more than that, if you follow along with me, I’ll help you build a repertoire of menus and solid foundation of cooking fundamentals, one new recipe and one new skill at a time. I’m here to provide inspiration and guidance as you navigate the world of natural foods cooking.

Remember, you aren’t alone. Like so many, I’m sheltering-in-place to try and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But you can join me once a week, when we’ll enjoy some community time where I can answer your questions and we can share inspiration with each other. We’re all in this together.

What's Included?

As a subscriber to Cooking Together with Rachel Zierzow you’ll get access to:

  • A growing library of recipes with video tutorials;
  • Kitchen and healthy living tips;
  • How to use those recipes in a meal plan;
  • New content delivered every week;
  • A private online community where you can make requests, seek guidance, and connect. I may even work virtually with some of you in your kitchen to help create a meal from what you already have!

Recipes are gluten free, dairy free, and plant-centric using every day ingredients. You’ll be encouraged to learn the process of cooking, so you’ll be less reliant on recipes over time, to foster creativity and freedom. 

All of the course materials will be available on an ongoing basis as long as you are subscribed. 



What's on the Menu...

What you can look forward to

  • Satisfying One-Pot Meals
  • Versatile and Healthy Bowls & Sauces
  • Healthy French Cooking
  • Gluten Free Italian Dishes
  • Asian Favorites
  • Main Dish Salads
  • Savory Breakfasts
  • And More!

Be inspired!

What’s for dinner? Sometimes the hardest part of cooking is thinking about what to make. And you want it to be delicious and healthy too! That’s where this community comes in. You’ll get seasonal recipes, inspirational tips, and community support to keep you going!

Minestrone Milanese • Cook Love Heal by Rachel Zierzow


My name is Rachel Zierzow. I am a certified natural foods chef & culinary instructor, healthy living expert, recipe writer, and nature lover. I've spent the last fifteen years working to help people find their best health through eating well. I'm on a mission to help people create balance and health in their life even when it's filled with daily challenges.

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