Cooking Together

With Rachel Zierzow

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I created “Cooking Together” for people like you – to help bring joy back into the kitchen, and to make cooking at home easier, more delicious, and healthier for everyone. 

Are you wanting to take the guess work out of what to make for dinner? Would you like to have a community to cook along with?

Every week, Cooking Together brings you new recipe videos, tips, and inspiration that’s relevant to what’s in season and what is of interest to the community. All recipes focus on healthy eating – gluten free, dairy free (or dairy optional) and veggie forward to accommodate many diet preferences.

Read on and join us today!

Cooking Together with Rachel Zierzow
Brittney Kuepferle
Brittney KuepferleNatural Foods Chef
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Thank you for all of your love and kindness during my culinary training! You were my absolute favorite instructor and have taught me more than just cooking techniques. You are such an inspirational chef and beautiful person!
Heather S.
Heather S.Natural Foods Chef
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I love your online course! Now the masses can access your brilliance with the click of a button. Thank you so much for sharing what you do with the world!
Chef Marko Ellinger
Chef Marko EllingerNatural Foods Chef
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Chef Rachel’s mindfulness has been a source of personal inspiration for me for well over twenty years. Her holistic approach to healing foods and a mindful practice are great medicine for the soul.